An Accurate Hysteria of fin-de-siècle
Chapter 10

Life Is A Non-Stop Puppet Show,
Without an Intermission
Chapter & Verse! August 8, 1998 - Part 2

Playing under the influence of a full moon in the shadows of the Tobin Bridge, Logan Airport, The Bunker Hill Monument and “Old Ironsides,” the band surprised itself at how well it played considering that this incarnation, Scott, Aram, Tom and Miranda have only rehearsed together once! It’s unfortunate that this subtle point was lost on the 100 party-goers in attendance.

Under the watchful eyes of the U.S. Coast Guard the band reportedly was responsible for the collapse and sinking of a nearby House Boat (illegally docked, no doubt). However, the Guard was busy researching claims from local fishermen who insisted that the intense volume of the band killed all living fish withing a 3 mile radius violating the fishing ban involving international waters.