An Accurate Hysteria of fin-de-siècle
Chapter 7

fin-de-siècle hospitalizes studio owner

Acting on a hot tip of free studio time existing somewhere in the southeastern portion of Massachusetts fin-de-siècle cut 3 basic tracks on June 28th at Sounds Interesting Studios. Bueno Sera Sara, Moscow Nights, and Sound of Survival were all recorded. Mixing started on July 5th, and in a bizzare twist of events the producer fell ill during the session. Several options were discussed from Consumption and the Plague, to Walking Pneumonia. On the 6th he checked into a local hospital and had a pacemaker installed due to a irregular heartbeat. Doctors declared the heavy vibrations caused by a Hofner Bass to be the root of his problems and ordered him to stay away no only from the band, but also the Horses on his farm.

Other bands jealous of fin-de-siècle’s coup d’état regarding free studio time believed this to be an attempt on the producer’s life, but sources close to both Arf! Arf! and the band deny those accusations as nothing more than a blatant attempt to derail the band’s continued world wide success.