An Accurate Hysteria of fin-de-siècle
Chapter 6

Live Insanity and Mental Cruelty or
The Reality of Air Fried Borscht

The most recent show took place during a tornado and high voltage electrical storm at Club Bohemia at the Kirkland Cafe on Sunday May 31st. The Behemoth Electrical Company still plans to lodge a massive suit against the band alleging that they were responsible for thousands of customers being without power for two days. fin-de-siècle denies all knowledge or involvement in any such antics (although the whereabouts of Tom Kelly at the time are still unknown), and in response have blamed Behemoth for the poor sound and other technical difficulties that plagued the band that evening.

As the fate of the band continues like a runaway train, one of the few brave souls that ventured out that evening was local record mogul, Erik Lindgren, of Arf! Arf! Records. Although he was unable to make out much of the music that evening he felt somehow the band was the perfect gunia pig to test drive the new improved Sounds Interesting Studio.