An Accurate Hysteria of fin-de-siècle
Chapter 9

Life Is A Non-Stop Puppet Show,
Without an Intermission
Chapter & Verse! August 8, 1998 - Part 1

Vowing revenge for not being allowed access to the Warped Tour (hah, it rained!), fin-de-siècle, performed outside on the roof of a barge on Boston Harbor in a rare, and surprise appearance. In reaction to recent claims of fin-de-siècle being a “Art” Garage band. Tom spent the day of the show tearing down a garage as piece of performance art, the first one since his critically acclaimed opus, Carrying Sheet Rock In The Rain performed with Scott last October. Scott tried to find a car that worked, Aram moved stuff and Miranda searched for the words to the songs. Little did these four “musicians” know what laid in store for them at the show.

Arriving at the appointed pier, after a mad search in the North End the band was forced to call upon their rudimentary balancing skills to move equipment. The only way to get equipment onto the barge was to take it down a very narrow, unstable walkway anchored to a floating dock below. Several near “misses” took their toll on the band. After being “Straight Edge” for more than a year, Aram rediscovered the pleasures of keg beer, Scott was babbling, once again, about “The Non Stop Puppet Show” and Miranda was wondering where Tom was…