An Accurate Hysteria of fin-de-siècle
Chapter 2

Dr. Frankenstein Beware

In August 1994, an opportunity presented itself to the band. The event was “Brendastock” held in Millis, Massachusetts. It was by far a more successful concert than the lame-assed Woodstock ’94 that had preceded it by a week. Aram and Tom were quickly brought in to play thunderous lead bass and double drums; what some people referred to as the World of Insanity. This highly successful show led to a three year ban on public performances in Millis by the powers that be.

This, however, was ignored by the band, and after several shows in Viterbo, Italy during July with Walter and as a solo act in August, 1995, Scott returned to Boston and unleashed the apocalypse on the unsuspecting hordes of fans at the Middle East on November 27, 1996. By this time James taken up the bass-master general position, allowing Aram to move to lead ear-drilling guitar.