An Accurate Hysteria of fin-de-siècle
Chapter 11

Life Is A Non-Stop Puppet Show,
Without an Intermission
Chapter & Verse! August 8, 1998 - Part 3

With less than 24 hours notice the band played two sets including all their hits, songs from their latest tape and plenty of no-to-be-missed gems such as: the near-perfect debut of the long awaited classic, Jet Lag, a rousing version of Reincarnation, (with three people compensating for the lack of Highland in the psycho-babble section), an impromptu version of another Kenne Highland classic, She's My Best Bette and Aram and Scott howling out a lead duet on Johnny B. Goode, something the world has needed for a long time. One of the highlights was Scott’s new eastern-influenced On Foreign Land in which the band went into a trance. Aram’s thunderous bass solos convinced two revellers to come out and dance in a manner that convinced all that these two had been to at least one Grateful Dead concert.