An Accurate Hysteria of fin-de-siècle
Chapter 12

Life Is A Non-Stop Puppet Show,
Without an Intermission
Chapter & Verse! August 8, 1998 - Part 4

However, not all was well in ya-ya land. The band seemed to be having a strange effect on the gathered crowd. One neanderthal started pouring beer on people’s heads. Sportswriter, Bob Gamere was intrigued with the band’s sound and stayed on the roof till dawn talking non-stop about the set to whoever would listen. Mike Gorham, of the late, very great, Facts about Rats went ballistic on some loser who was saying nasty things about Jody (who got this show for us). And then the cover to the hot tub came off…

Trying to restore order and fearing another Altamont, Miranda ordered the band to play something quiet and soothing. In a move quite uncharacteristic to the fuzz-addled brains of Scott and Aram, fin-de-siècle played a jazz standard called Whatever Lola Wants which features Miranda’s vocal prowess. Scott turned down and deftly strummed Eb7 chords, Aram played as if he were back in high-school Jazz Ensemble and Tom, who had neither heard the song, or played it with the band for that matter, laid down a relaxing bossa-nova beat and got all the stops in the right places.